Silver Cedar Studio - Custom Fur Fashion Designer

Katie Ball hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  She has been trapping alongside her father ever since she could carry a trap. Her love of animals and her understanding of the balance of nature and the intricate relationship between humans and the natural world were taught to her by her father out on the trap line. Katie has a deep respect for the laws of conservation for all fur bearer species and she learned to take this to the next level in the subsequent care and handling of the valuable pelts. This is where her trapping roots began.

"This is where my roots begin, this is where Silver Cedar Studio begins."

– Katie Ball

Later on in life she branched out from the outdoors as teens often do. Nature was still there for her and always had been. But she wanted to see what else life had to offer. She took up modeling and has been active with it for over 10 years between Canada and the US. She has had the opportunity to work with all types of fashion designers, photographers and artists. However, she had yearned to take her experience and creative passions and find a medium that would allow her to express herself and her love for the outdoors. 

With one simple question; fur became that medium.

One day while at the local Northwestern Fur Trappers convention she was looking over new techniques of fur processing, when her dear friend (and now mentor) Becky Monk reached over a sheared and dyed peach beaver pelt and asked her, "Have you ever considered working with fur?"

That one question was the start of Silver Cedar Studio. 

Since then Katie has become President of the Northwestern Fur Trappers Association. She is the Assistant Director to Mark Deans on the Ontario Fur Managers Federation. She is also a representative for Northwestern Ontario Sportsman's Alliance. And just recently has become the new face of Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. Thanks to Mark Taylor for contacting her and fulfilling one of her childhood dreams.

Having these groups believe in Katie as a trapper, has helped her believe not only in herself as a representative for our community, but also to demonstrate how important it is that we stand united together as a whole. This is why Katie is proud to be a trapper. 

Another advantage of being a trapper is that she understands fur in the way a carpenter understands wood. She knows the textures of various furs, whether they are soft or brittle, and knows how they should be used. When combined with her experience in fashion, she can craft products that push the envelope and create lasting pieces of art and heritage.